A blog is an audacious statement. Making a blog implies that think you have something to say that people would actually want to read, and ideas that are worth being heard. At a certain point, it’s a statement of ego more than a humble plea for the ears of your fellow citizens: “Look at me, I have it all figured out!”.

I am going to try to avoid being That Guy. It is true, I do have opinions on things. As well, I do think that I have some things figured out. The distinction I’m going to draw between myself and That Guy, though, is that I don’t have everything figured out. I’ve got a loose collection of motivations, opinions, and thoughts that sometimes coalesce into a coherent worldview but mostly don’t. That’s what I’m going to spend most of my time here dealing with: uncertainty.

By uncertainty, I mean that certain property of the modern world where we constantly come into contact with people who disagree with us in every way, and believe in their opposition to us as strongly as we believe in our opposition to them, and, in the end, we secretly wonder if what we believe in can be true if there are so many smart people who believe in its opposite, and if we can even trust human reason if it leads so many people to think different things.

In other words, I’m going to spend a lot of time reckoning with my uncertainty about truths large and small and about the ways we derive truth from the world. Thus, Epistemic Moderation.

In the end, I’ll probably get lots of stuff wrong, at least in your opinion. That’s okay. It’s how we learn, after all. You can feel free to yell at me over email (walter@epistemicmoderation.com), or in whatever medium you prefer.

Anyway. Enjoy.